Welcome To Boynton Beach
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Welcome To Boynton Beach
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There is a lot to explore in the Boynton Beach community. As one of the largest city by population in Palm Beach County we have a lot going on.

We are all over social media !!

Preview our Facebook “PAGE” right here on the website. This is on Facebook where we post the cool happenings around Boynton Beach.

If you want to JOIN IN THE CONVERSATION we have 2 GROUPS with thousands of members discussing the Boynton Beach lifestyle.

The first group we have is called “Boynton Beach Welcomes You”. It is setup as a public group on Facebook. You can  view all your heart desires without joining the group or becoming a member. Consider it our starter package.

The second group we have is named “Welcome To Boynton Beach”. Yes, it’s name the exact name as the Page, but it is a GROUP!! It’s a little confusing at first, but it strengthens our brand. This group is set to PRIVATE.  That means you must hit the join button for access. Many more people choose this option as evidenced by the number of members as compared to the public group.

Join in the Fun!!

Boynton Beach Welcomes You

Welcome To Boynton Beach 

the boynton beach lifestyle

The Boynton Beach lifestyle is beautiful. It’s great for young families, singles and those wanting to retire in comfort. 

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