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Boynton Beach Arts & Cultural Center

This building – the original Boynton Beach High School, built in 1927, is a treasured part of Boynton Beach’s rich history. Now, thanks to much thoughtful planning, this important building will serve as the Boynton Beach Cultural Center. When residents and visitors think of culture in Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach will be a major destination. There will be something for everyone interested in arts, culture, and community at this iconic venue located in the center of Town Square.

The City of Boynton Beach kept its promise to residents to preserve the original building and to maintain its unique character, while incorporating many new features to remake it into a relevant, productive, multi-use facility. Key architectural details have been revitalized, while some interior spaces have been re-configured to allow for maximum use of the 28,000 square foot venue.


Schoolhouse Children's Museum & Learning center

The Schoolhouse Children’s Museum strives to inspire and engage children and families to explore, play, learn and discover through creative, interactive learning opportunities that integrate the arts, humanities and sciences in cultural and historical settings.

Children will embrace life long learning through the joy of discovery.

The Schoolhouse Children’s Museum is housed in one of the first schools in Boynton Beach. With the many South Florida neighborhood schools of today, it’s hard to imagine all the town’s children attending the same school.


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